Global Presence

Combined with Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd forty years of experience in our domestic market, the UK boasts the broadest range of clients and applications in the Manalytical portfolio – from offshore gas platforms in the Shetland Islands, to hydrogen drying on the south coast of England, we’ve covered our home countries from top to toe.

Forged over many years, strong customer relationships have allowed us to refine our methodologies, and technologies, to develop successful industry solutions that we now export around the world.

Based in northern England, our headquarters is home to our main sales, service, R&D and manufacturing facilities, and if you require any further information this should be your first point of contact.

Typical applications in the UK include:

  • Natural gas industry – offshore monitoring, transmission and storage (portable moisture analyzers and self-calibrating on-line systems)
  • Air separation / special gases production – portable moisture analysers for bottle filling to custom-design on-line systems for helium recovery
  • Electricity generation / distribution
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear industry – boiler leak detection / plant decommissioning systems

Some of our larger clients in the UK include:

  • BP, Exxon, Shell, British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL), Magnox Electric Ltd, British Energy Group, National Grid (incorporating Transco), BG Group, BOC, Air Products, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems.

The above clients typically bought these products: