Middle East

Global Presence

Strong in the oil and gas industries, the vast natural resources of the Middle Eastern countries are supplying the region’s growing refining and manufacturing complexes.

Not surprisingly, Manalytical has delivered a broad range of online, self-validating moisture measurement systems in to both downstream and process applications, together with key support industries. From Turkey to Israel, Saudi Arabia to Qatar, Manalytical are at the forefront of this ever-growing market for moisture analyzers and systems.

Key applications we have addressed in this region include:

  • Natural gas custody transfer / pipeline commissioning
  • Refinery catalyst protection / regeneration (CCR Platforming)
  • Process start-up & optimisation
  • Quality Control
  • Air separation / special gas production

Some of our better-known clients in the Middle East are:

  • Saudi Armaco, Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL), Pars Arya, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Qatar Petroleum (NODCO), Exterran, Karbogaz.

The above clients typically bought these products: